The Upcoming Novel
(A Working Title)

When she discovers the corpses of the closest thing she has to a loving family, Dailia Lovo -- a mercenary who only wants to save up enough gemstones to settle down -- must travel to the capital of Emthur to find out who she needs to kill. But the city has changed since the last time she was there. Along with the drought that’s plaguing the kingdom, Dailia learns about the rise of a fanatical new religion that is dividing the people, and the new metal that strips humans of their magic.

If Dailia’s going to find out whose blood she needs to spill, she’ll have to stay hidden from the people who already want her dead. As she learns more about the plot designed to leave everyone powerless, more people start to take notice of the dark skinned girl with the curly white hair. Soon, she’ll have to decide if exposing the truth is worth exposing her identity.

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