Writer. Tarot Reader. Indie Game Dev. Ramen Enthusiast.

She was born on a nice summer night in Houston, Texas, as a birthday present to her mother. She’s a Leo/Moon Cat/Rabbit, with a Chariot Life Path card. She’s left-handed, right-brained, and near-sighted. But that’s probably not what you wanted to know.

Adana Washington is a creative workaholic. More specifically, she is an writer, tarot reader, and indie game developer. She’s the creator of the Kinetic Tarot Deck, Rum-Me, and the author of a few books.

When she’s not writing, drawing, or coding Adana can be found in a bath tub with a book, or watching the anime or history videos on YouTube. She researches random topics in her free time, drinks coffee and tea, and prefers stouts over any other beer.