Such a Strange and Awesome Feeling

In the past week, I’ve heard two different people comment on my writing, and how it affected them. They both were reading different things, and their reactions were different. But it’s still strange to hear (or read, in both cases).

The first was from a Twitter friend (and fellow stationery fanatic) who’s reading my latest novel, All Will Suffer Me. He tweeted this the other day:

I made a joke and played it off, but it really made me happy. To hear that my writing actually made someone cry is very touching to me. It gives me a sort of confirmation that I did a good job. I touched at least one person with my writing. That’s all I could ask for.

Then today, I reblogged an old post that I wrote on Tumblr. A couple hours later, I got a notification that someone had mentioned me in a blog post of their own. So I looked, because that doesn’t happen often.

I won’t link to the post because it’s not mine to share. But the writer said this about little ol’ me:

[Adana Washington ] put into words what I’ve been starting to understand but have been too hesitant to express.


Another thing that I’ve been aiming for. To be able to help other express what they want to express. To give them the courage to say, “Hey, I feel that way, too. If she can say it, I can say it.” Even though it was something that I wrote over a year ago in a semi-rage-induced bout of pseudo-eloquence, it helped someone find their way. And by listening to the little voice in my head that told me to reblog it, my words found their way to someone who needed them.

That’s why I love social media. Even though a lot of people just post whatever they want, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen something that was exactly what I needed to see at that moment. I take those as signs from the Universe. And the Universe lives through our intuition.

We’re all connected. And we all have something to say. And sometimes, what you have to say is exactly what someone needs to hear. And whether they cry or feel empowered (or both), you’ve helped them in some way.

That is probably the greatest reward I’ll ever have as a writer. Now if only I can multiple it and help thousands — no, millions of people. That would be just fine.

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