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10 annoying habits of your pet dog 

Of course, you adore your pet, but sweeping and vacuuming every second of every day can become tiresome.

Shedding everywhere

You could go to the pet store and buy your dog the most expensive chew toy available — but he or she won't care!  They'd rather chew on your shoes, drapes, garbage bags, or your toes.

Chewing on anything and everything

You put on your pyjamas, turn off the lights, snuggle under the sheets, and prepare to fall asleep, then your dog begins to lick himself.

Licking while you’re trying to sleep

Nothing is more startling and irritating than your dog barking out of nowhere and for no apparent reason.

Barking for no reason

The begging techniques vary from dog to dog, but they all include soft whimpering, puppy dog eyes, and the occasional paw on the thigh.

Begging for everything

Some dogs are such sloppy eaters and drinkers that you wonder why you put it in a bowl in the first place.

Messy eating and drinking

The worst part is that they don't stop until you reach your destination, even if it's hours away.

Whining during car rides

The lack of decency is both embarrassing and annoying, whether it's butt scooting across the carpet, licking their private parts, or humping a visitor's leg.

Overall inappropriate behaviour

Not all dogs slobber, but it's very annoying for dog parents who have slobbery puppies.

Slobbering on everything

Some dogs prefer to lead rather than follow.  But that's extremely inconvenient when all you want to do is go for a nice walk.

Leash pulling