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10 Baby Care Tips for your New Born

Even when travelling, try to maintain a regular routine and schedule to keep your child in the best mood possible.


A healthy nap-time routine leads to a better night's sleep, which many first-time parents do not believe.  Overtired babies have difficulty falling asleep and wake up more frequently during the night.


Sunscreen is not recommended for children under the age of six months. Keep them in the shade until you can protect their skin safely.

Skin Care

Praise your older children for their assistance, patience, and understanding, and they will easily adjust to the new family member.


There's nothing wrong with sticking to the basics: patty-cake and peekaboo are games that have been used for years to keep babies entertained while also helping their brains grow. 


The family pet must adjust to the new member of the family. Bringing home a blanket or outfit worn by the baby is always helpful, but keep Fido to his normal routines as well. 


Consider giving your child a vegetable instead of a sweet fruit to begin with. Introduce vegetables as soon as your child begins solid foods to get his or her nutrition off to a good start.


Even if it means going naked for a few minutes, make sure your child is completely dry after a nappy change.  Change diapers more frequently, and soothe and calm the skin with one of the many over-the-counter products.


After you've checked for hunger, diapers, and noise, remind yourself that your child has been in a safe and quiet womb for a long 40 weeks.


To protect baby's sensitive skin, avoid using soap and instead use a gentle made-for-baby cleanser.