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10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

A park is essentially an outdoor gym where you can bench press and dip on real benches.  Swing over to a jungle gym and add some pull-ups to your list.


During warmer seasons, you'll be sweating and tanning, and during colder seasons, you'll be conditioning your muscles with the icy breeze of the waves.


They are suitable for swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, kneeboarding, water skiing, and other aquatic activities. 


Put on your trainers and get moving with a bumpy mountain bike ride, an intense mind-body challenge with rock climbing and a paced walk to get some adrenaline into your system.


Nothing beats a one-on-one game of basketball or some free shooting to work the arms while also getting some cardio in.

Sports Field/Court

With dozens of individual trampolines and foam pits to jump between, you'll be in the fat-burning zone in no time.

Trampoline Park

With options such as urban, ballroom, and contemporary, the body will move and shape itself to the appropriate rhythm of life.

Dance Studio

As a bonus, shift the clothing rack to work your triceps.  Put on some leggings, get some quarters, and get moving the next time you go to the mall.

The Mall

Bowling is beneficial for developing hand-eye coordination and strengthening arm muscles.

Bowling Alley

While your imagination can be a good trainer, you can stream countless classes and workouts online with just a TV, tablet, or phone and an internet connection.