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10 amazing pros of having a baby girl


Mothers enjoy taking their daughters shopping since there are so many different pink outfits, shoes, and hair accessories to choose from.

Female Bonding

Because they were once young girls themselves, mothers can relate to their daughters.  Their relationship will only get stronger as their daughter gets older.

Easier Diaper Changes

No matter what gender your baby is, changing their diapers may be a dirty process.  Yet, there is a huge benefit to having a tiny girl in this regard, and that is the absence of pee squirts on your face or clothing.

Mama Can Be a Role Model

Moms can set an example for their daughters by being a independent person.  It's an opportunity to impact the female.

Names and Nicknames

Choose a gorgeous name that complements your own for your daughter, or give her your name as a middle name.  Choose a moniker that fits her character, and watch her like it!

Daddy’s Little Princess

"As their first love and hero, fathers fall deeply for their little girls, which brings out their protective instincts.  Dads are like a second family to girls."

Brings Out the Gentleman

A man's perception of women changes when he is holding his kid; all he wants is to see her smile.  Boys become men and men become gentlemen when a daughter is born.

Tea Parties

Teach young girls how to host an enjoyable tea party.  No video games, just good old-fashioned play with cuddly animals and have fun and dress up!

Care for You in Your Old Age

Studies suggest that girls are more nurturing than boys and take care of their elderly parents.  More likely that your daughter will look out for you.

Dress Up

Spend 10 uninterrupted minutes each day talking to your youngsters. Switch off devices and put your child first.