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10 Signs Your Partner Is "Toxic". Don't Ignore Them.


Is your relationship taking a toll on your mental health? Learn to spot the signs of a toxic partner before it's too late.

Constant Criticism

A toxic partner often belittles you and makes you doubt your worth.

Controlling Behavior

They try to control every aspect of your life, isolating you from friends and family.

Jealousy and Possessiveness

A toxic partner exhibits extreme jealousy and possessiveness, undermining trust.

Lack of Empathy

They show little empathy and dismiss your feelings as insignificant.

Manipulative Tactics

Toxic partners manipulate you into doing things against your will.

Constant Drama

They thrive on drama and create unnecessary conflicts.


A toxic partner makes you doubt your sanity and perception of reality.

Lack of Support:

They don't support your goals and may even sabotage your success.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Your emotions are constantly on a rollercoaster with a toxic

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