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10 Steps to Implementing AI in Your Gym

Map out where data is collected across every aspect of your company, from proactive datasets like membership applications to automatic datasets.

Do your research

Even if you don't currently need everything, it's a good idea to gather it all.  You can never predict what might be useful in the future.

Widen the net

Give each data source a condition score between 0 and 10, with 10 being "complete and perfect" and 0 being "currently a disaster."

Fill the gaps

Although 25% of Fortune 500 businesses hold the title of "chief data officer," you want someone who can oversee the operation of the company's data.

Appoint a champion

Everyone working for the company needs to be aware of the importance of the data being gathered and their part in making sure it is done appropriately.

Engage your team

You're almost ready to launch your AI ambitions now that your data is under control.  But first, consider whether you have a problem that needs to be solved.

Ask yourself why

Although initiatives combining data and AI can provide amazing results, it typically takes a year before we can fully understand why.

Make time

AI will bring transparency to a whole new level, but take note: the value is not in the insight, but in the action it prompts.

Prepare for action

After determining the activities your fresh insights should inspire, consider whether any of them may be carried out automatically.

Make it automatic

Lastly, with whom will you collaborate?  Take a look at what is already available for the industry before you go running off to recruit yourself a data scientist.

Pick your partner