11 Bizarre Words and Phrases Only Irish People Will Understand


Pronounced "crack," this word doesn't refer to illegal substances. Instead, it means having a good time or enjoying lively conversations and fun with friends.


When an Irish person says they're "gobsmacked," they mean they're utterly astonished or surprised beyond belief.


A popular term used to express mild frustration or annoyance without resorting to stronger language. It's a polite way of saying... well, you know.


If someone is "langers," they are extremely drunk, possibly to the point of no return.


This is the Irish way of referring to the restroom or bathroom.


In Ireland, "yoke" is a catch-all word for an object when the specific name escapes you. For example, "pass me that yoke over there."


If something is "deadly," it means it's excellent or awesome, not that it's going to kill you.


When something is "banjaxed," it's broken or ruined beyond repair.


This term is used by city-dwellers to refer to people from the countryside, often in a light-hearted manner.


In other places, it's a criminal offense, but in Ireland, a "gaff" means a house or home.

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