11 Flat-Belly Exercises To Look Younger & Fitter in Your 40s


Are you ready to embrace a younger, fitter version of yourself in your 40s? Discover these 11 flat-belly exercises that will not only help you shed those stubborn inches but also leave you feeling revitalized and confident.

Planks for Core Power

Strengthen your core muscles with planks. Hold your body in a straight line, engaging your abs for a solid foundation.

Twisting Bicycle Crunches

Target your obliques with twisting bicycle crunches. Feel the burn as you alternate elbow to knee, igniting those side muscles.

Russian Twists

Grab a weight or use your body's resistance for Russian twists. Twist from side to side, engaging your core to enhance your waistline.

Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back and flutter-kick your legs for an intense lower abdominal workout. Keep your core engaged throughout.

Leg Raises

Strengthen your lower abs with leg raises. Lift your legs off the ground while keeping your lower back pressed into the floor.

Side Planks

Work on your balance and target your obliques with side planks. Lift your hips and maintain a straight line from head to heels.


Get your heart pumping and engage your core with burpees. Jump, squat, plank, and repeat for a full-body blast.

Dead Bug

Lie on your back and extend your arms and legs like a bug. Alternate lowering your opposite arm and leg while keeping your core tight.

Seated Russian Twists

Sit on the floor and twist your torso from side to side, holding a weight or your hands together. Feel the burn in your midsection.

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