11 Horrible Things Men Wear That Women HATE - According to Women

Cargo Shorts

Let's face it, guys, cargo shorts may be practical, but women find them an eyesore. The bulky pockets and unflattering silhouette don't do any favors to your style.

Graphic Tees with Offensive Messages

Wearing a graphic tee is cool, but if it's adorned with offensive or rude messages, it's an instant turn-off for most women. Keep it classy, gentlemen!

Socks with Sandals

This one is a big no-no! Wearing socks with sandals is a fashion disaster that women can't overlook. It's just not the right combination.

Deep V-Neck Shirts

While V-neck shirts can be appealing, the deep V-neck trend is not for everyone. Many women find it too revealing and tacky.

Overly Baggy Pants

Saggy, oversized pants may have been a trend once, but women today prefer a more fitted and polished look. Say no to the excess fabric!

Speedos at the Beach

Unless you're a professional swimmer, it's best to avoid wearing Speedos at the beach. Trust us; women cringe at the sight.

Ill-Fitted Suits

A well-fitted suit can make any man look dapper, but an ill-fitting one can ruin the entire look. Women notice the details, so make sure your suit fits perfectly!

Oversized Chains and Jewelry

Bling can be fun, but wearing oversized chains and gaudy jewelry can be overwhelming and off-putting to women.

Excessive Cologne

A little cologne can be charming, but drowning in it is not attractive. Moderation is key, gentlemen.


They might be comfortable, but women find them more appropriate for gardening than for daily wear.

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