11 Loudest States Ranked, Home to America’s Noisiest Citizens Ranked

New York

The Big Apple takes the crown for being the noisiest state in the nation. With its iconic Times Square, the constant honking of taxis, and the enthusiastic sports fans, New York tops our list as the ultimate cacophony of sound.


Surf, sunshine, and sound! California comes in second place, thanks to its vibrant lifestyle and numerous entertainment venues. From the lively streets of Los Angeles to the roaring excitement at sports events, Californians know how to make some noise.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the noise. The Lone Star State ranks third on our list, with its bustling metropolises and cheering crowds at football games and rodeos.


The Land of Lincoln makes its mark on the noise scale. Chicago's bustling downtown, packed with cars and people, contributes significantly to Illinois' high decibel levels.


Sunshine and sounds go hand in hand in the Sunshine State. Florida secures the fifth spot with its busy theme parks, beaches, and nightlife.


From the cheering crowds in Philadelphia to the buzzing streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's energetic cities land it on our list at number six.


Las Vegas alone could account for Nevada's presence on this list. The never-ending entertainment and excitement in the city of lights contribute to the state's overall noise.


With its rich history and lively culture, Massachusetts claims the eighth position on our list. Boston, a city that never sleeps, adds its fair share of noise to the state's ranking.

New Jersey

Known for its passionate sports fans and vibrant cities, New Jersey comes in at number nine on our list of the loudest states.


Georgia is not just famous for its peaches; it's also known for its booming cheers at football games and other events, landing it at the tenth spot.

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