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11 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed - Don't Make These Mistakes

Drinking Urine Helps Hydration

Many believe that drinking urine can keep them hydrated in emergencies, but it's a dangerous myth. Urine contains waste products and can worsen dehydration.

Eating Snow is Safe

Eating snow might seem harmless, but it lowers your body temperature and can lead to hypothermia. Melt the snow before consuming.

Sucking Venom from a Snakebite

Attempting to suck out venom with your mouth can result in ingesting it. Avoid this dangerous method and seek medical help immediately.

Building a Shelter Near Water

While water is essential, building a shelter too close invites bugs and predators. Maintain a safe distance to stay protected.

Eating Wild Plants Without Proper Knowledge

Foraging for wild plants without proper knowledge can lead to consuming toxic ones. Learn about edible plants beforehand.

Punching a Shark to Fend it Off

Contrary to movies, punching a shark is ineffective and can aggravate the animal. Aim for the eyes or gills instead.

Move Always Points North

Relying solely on moss for navigation is misleading. Moss can grow on any side of a tree, depending on sunlight and moisture.

Crossing Rivers During Floods

Crossing a river during a flood is extremely dangerous. The fast-moving water can easily sweep you away. Wait for the water level to decrease.

Playing Dead During a Bear Encounter

While playing dead might work for some bear species, it's futile against others. Understand the type of bear and use appropriate defense methods.

Drinking Saltwater When Thirsty

Drinking saltwater accelerates dehydration due to its high salt content. Find a way to desalinate or look for alternative water sources.

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