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11 Taboo Phrases Men Should NEVER Say to Women

Racial slurs or derogatory terms

Offensive language targeting someone's race, ethnicity, or nationality.

Sexist remarks

Comments that belittle or stereotype individuals based on their gender.

Homophobic or transphobic statements

Hurtful remarks about someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ableist language

Using derogatory terms related to disability or mental health.

Offensive slang

Using derogatory language that degrades individuals or groups.

Fat-shaming or body-shaming

Making negative comments about someone's body size or shape.

Ageist remarks

Insensitive comments about someone's age or aging process.


Shifting blame onto the victim in cases of harassment or assault.

Religious intolerance

Insulting or mocking someone's religious beliefs or practices.


Subtle but hurtful comments or actions that reflect prejudices.

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