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11 Tell-Tale Signs That an American Is an American as Told by Foreigners


Are you an American? Foreigners can often tell at first glance! Let's explore the interesting traits that make Americans stand out.

American English

The distinct accent and vocabulary are giveaways.

Super-Sized Portions

Foreigners are amazed by the portion sizes at American restaurants.

Patriotism Everywhere

Americans display their love for the USA with pride.

Friendly and Outgoing

Americans are known for their warm and approachable nature.

Tipping Culture

Tipping generously is customary in the USA.

Sports Obsession

American sports culture is passionate and widespread.

Casual Attire

Comfortable clothing is a common sight on American streets.

Cultural Diversity

America's melting pot creates a rich tapestry of cultures.

Personal Space

Americans appreciate their personal bubble.

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