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12 of the Scariest Small Towns in America as Voted by Travelers

Silent Hollow, Indiana

This town holds an unsettling secret; its entire population disappeared overnight in 1937, leaving behind empty homes and a haunting aura of silence.

Crimson Lake, Louisiana

Locals believe a malevolent spirit lurks beneath the murky waters of Crimson Lake, responsible for a series of unexplained disappearances.

Moonlight Falls, Oregon

Every year on the night of the full moon, strange glowing figures dance in the forest, captivating and bewildering anyone who witnesses the spectacle.

Harmony Bay, Maine

In the 1800s, the entire town was cursed by a scorned witch, and to this day, visitors report hearing disembodied voices and encountering ghostly apparitions.

Misty Pines, California

A thick fog perpetually shrouds this town, and it is rumored that those who venture too deep into the mist are never seen again.

Shadows Creek, Arizona

Beneath the desert sands lies an ancient burial ground where restless spirits are said to wander, seeking revenge on intruders.

Whispering Oaks, Tennessee

The eerie sound of whispering trees haunts this town, and some claim to have recorded ghostly voices among the leaves.

Hallowed Ground, Texas

Built on an old graveyard, this town experiences poltergeist activity, with objects moving on their own and mysterious apparitions appearing at midnight.

Raven's End, Montana

Legend has it that a massive flock of ghostly ravens descends upon the town during the winter solstice, foretelling impending doom.

Witchville, Massachusetts

Home to descendants of the Salem witches, this town practices ancient rituals that outsiders believe unleash dark forces.

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