14-Day Belly Flattening Methods 

 First pro suggestion from our experts? Start each meal with bitter greens. They're incredibly low in calories,

 leafy greens.

 Use 14 days to "readjust your sweet palate," say The Nutrition Twins. Instead of chocolate chip cookies

 sweet craving.

 Did you "zipping up" your abs? This can significantly improve your flat belly attempts.

  "Zip up your abs."

 Another easy approach to flatten your tummy in 14 days is to drink green tea all day.

 green tea.

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 Colorful fruits and vegetables on your plate are healthier, as you may have heard. Finally Full, Finally Slim autho

 Consume more red fruits

 When someone says "fats," you probably want to flee. But not all fats are harmful! In reality, eating healthy fats

 Prioritize healthy fats.

 Lean protein is essential to a healthy diet and flat tummy efforts. Young says "Protein, especially

 extra lean protein

Getting a flat belly involves being healthy. A healthy midsection helps prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, in addition to beauty. Even your life can be extended. Though it's not simple, losing weight and sculpting a slender body demands hard effort, consistency,

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