22 Pro Tips for Walking to Lose Weight.

  a member of our Medical Expert Board and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who helped establish

  landscape you walk on.

 walking burns more calories. Add faster bursts if you want to shed weight while walking.

  Increase walking pace.

 Have you considered "rucking," or using a weighted backpack? "Rucking involves hiking with a weighted backpack

 Use a weighted backpack.

 Your legs do most of the work when you walk, but don't forget your arms!

 Engage arms.

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 Having a companion who walks for weight reduction will motivate and hold you accountable

 Get a walking partner.

 A weight loss journey should start with an ultimate goal and smaller milestones.

 Set a goal.

 This weight reduction strategy may be included to your daily routine as well as your walking activity.

 Take the stairs.

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