3 Drinks That Destroy Your Digestive System

Energy drinks Energy drinks are a risky method to obtain a caffeine boost in the morning or afternoon.

Caffeine, in particular, damages the intestines. Energy drinks "can cause gastritis, inflammation, increased gut motility, and diarrhea," according to Pincus. Yikes!

Soda Sorry, cola fans. Soft beverages including soda, fruit juice, and more can harm your intestines. Refined sugar causes inflammation, which can damage your stomach.

High sugar intake decreases gut bacteria diversity, which is crucial for digestive health. Deny it!

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 Alcohol It's wonderful to relax with a beverage on Friday night, but alcohol may harm your health in many ways.

"Excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt the balance of gut bacteria, leading to dysbiosis and impaired gut function," she says. 

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