3 Honest Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius This sign of fire is not scared to say what's on their mind and will never stop searching for the answers. 

 They just do not care whether you disagree with what they have to say

A Sagittarius is incapable of deception, and as a result, if you ask them for their opinion or advice, they will give it to you straight. 


Virgo This earth sign may come off as blunt, and in turn, the things that they say may be perceived as harsh by certain individuals

Nevertheless, Virgos are compassionate individuals, and when they are being honest with someone, you can be sure that it originates from a good place on their part

Scorpio This water sign is not good at putting up a sweet front. They will always choose to hear the truth, even if it is painful. Because of this, they have no problem being open and honest

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