30 Days to Slim a Thick Waistline

 You don't have to give up dessert every night, but your waistline may benefit from limiting sugar.

 Consume less sugar.

 Rushing breakfast leads to sugary bars and coffee or skipping it. Protein in breakfast promotes weight reduction

 Consume more protein

 Unfortunately, many people undereat this vital mineral. Fiber boosts digestive health and keeps you fuller

 Consume extra fiber.

 The CDC reports that barely 10% of individuals eat enough vegetables everyday. According to age and gender

 dish with veggies.

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 All of us have been there. Being busy and skipping a snack makes us hungrier for supper.

  overboard on hunger

 Last meal of the day should be two hours before bed. Eating too close to bed may cause weight gain

 Stop eating two hours

 A handful of crackers, a banana, or a granola bar are bland snacks. All carb-based snacks are not full and may trigger

  Combine nutrients

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