4 Birth Months Who Flirt Openly

January-borns are honest yet not emotional. They don't like pretending when they like someone. Explaining their feelings and seeing if the other person agrees saves time

January-borns will express their interest in dating you. They won't keep you guessing about their feelings and their ability to commit.

March-born leaders are heart-driven. Because they believe honesty is better than a lovely little lie, they won't consider the implications of expressing themselves.

March born honest about their feelings, but they'd rather know they tried than spend their lives wondering if you could have been a couple. 

August-borns are expressive. You lose if you say you don't feel the same. They don't want to waste time with those who don't value them. 

August babies are decisive and confident. They'll speak up. They prefer to speak their mind so they don't miss any opportunities.

October-born romantics. They want an epic love story, but they know no one will come to them and do all the work.

October babies don't waste time. They will maximize every moment and relationship by being honest about their sentiments

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