4 Harsh (But True) Characteristics of Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac sign that suffers the most injustice in astrology.

Gemini may be a ton of fun to be around, especially at events.

Everyone will eventually lose their mind due to specific Gemini characteristics.

She is incapable of making decisions.

If at all possible, give Gemini a choice; else, prepare to wait all day for her to decide.

Gemini gets herself into a lot of trouble because she is antsy.

Gemini takes trying new things to a whole new level, which I support. She can get hives just thinking about routine, so she always seeks out new experiences.

She has no idea what "alone time" entails.

When you really simply need a friend, Gemini might be a fantastic person to contact, but she doesn't get the memo when you need to recharge.

High-strung seemed to be far too mild for who she is. If we're being completely honest, the word "ball of anxious energy" cannot be spelled without Gemini.

The Gemini sign is extremely sensitive.