5 'Healthy' Foods That May Slow Weight Loss

A surprising first item, liquid calories can really hurt your diet. Even green juices are heavy in calories, sugar, and nutrient density, so eating fruits and vegetables raw is healthier. 

Second, dried fruits. Fruit may seem like a weight-loss food, but like green juice, these snacks are high in calories.

Third, protein bars. The benefits of these people have been discussed extensively! While they may have 12 grams of protein, they generally have more fat. Alex doesn't consider these protein bars yet. They are also exorbitant!

Fourth is granola. This base for a yogurt or cereal bowl is popular, but it's not a good calorie-cutter. One serving of this granola might have 200 calories, without including toppings.

Finally, sugar-free lollipops. You may have heard these products' horror stories. They are not healthy or dieting-friendly just because they are "zero-sugar". This upsets stomachs and digestive systems like nothing else.

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