5-Minute High-Protein Breakfasts

Recipe for Nut and Berry Parfait Greek yogurt, berries, almonds, and a touch of honey make for a quick and healthy high-protein breakfast.

Tacos with Spinach and Eggs, a Recipe A hard-boiled egg, some spinach, some cheese, and some salsa make for a tasty and speedy morning meal. 

Sara Haas This open-faced sandwich tastes like it came from a trendy cafe, yet it just takes five minutes to whip up in the kitchen. 

Miss Clara Gonzalez Although many people like a smoothie for breakfast, it often lacks sufficient calories and minerals to qualify as a true meal.

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Golden honey enhances the natural sweetness of blueberries and Greek-style yogurt. The combination of healthy protein and fiber in this dish is just what the doctor ordered.

Johnny Autry EatingWell's Free Diet Plans Mastering the art of microwave egg cooking makes for a speedy and satisfying morning meal.

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