5 Most Disobedient Dog Breeds Worldwide

Akitas were originally developed to guard Japanese aristocracy and hunt wild wildlife. These adorable pups are apprehensive of outsiders because to their protective instincts.

Due to their complicated dispositions, Akitas are difficult to train in obedience. Due to their intransigence, beginner dog owners should avoid them,

The Lakeland terrier, like other terriers, is bold and lively and needs lots of exercise and attention. Since they're smart dogs that get bored with repetition

When bored, these pups bark and dig. Unexperienced owners of sensitive pets may find this difficult. These dogs need consistent, hard training from an early age

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Although they look like cute lap dogs, Lhasa apsos are one of the strongest and most stubborn little dog breeds. Professional trainers may be needed to teach

Bull terriers are affectionate, energetic, and naughty like toddlers. These rebellious canines will push their limits throughout training to discover how far they can go

These majestic dogs were developed to protect livestock from snowy highland predators. Today, they are respected as calm, attentive watchdogs. 

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