5 Top Paint Colors for Low-Light Rooms

Painting a room with limited natural light comes with a lot of challenges. You want to pick a color you love but that will also brighten up the space without being too glaring, distracting

Modern living room setup with classic parquet floor. Furnished with light gray sofa, blue arm chair with wooden frame, modern blue ceiling lamp, wooden coffee table and gray carpet.

Huber suggests pastel greens like mint and seafoam to brighten dark rooms while making them "feel more vibrant and lively."


Modern vintage living room with yellow wall 3d rendering image.There are yellow paint wall and wood floor ,Funished with vintage wood chair

The warm earthy tones of camel shades are another great paint choice to brighten up a low-light room, as these colors can help make even a darker room feel more inviting and cozy,

Kropovinsky says the softness of dusty pinks "helps bounce light around the space, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere."

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