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6 Types of Relationships and Their Effect on Your Life

A deep, intimate bond without sex or romance characterises a platonic relationship, a sort of friendship.

Platonic Relationships

Love and attraction for another individual are traits that define romantic partnerships.  While the characteristics of romantic love might vary, they frequently include infatuation and commitment.

Romantic Relationships

A spouse who is emotionally, physically, or mentally dependent on their other is said to be in a codependent relationship, which is an unbalanced, dysfunctional sort of partnership.

Codependent Relationships

With no expectations of monogamy or commitment, casual partnerships frequently involve dating interactions that may include sexual activity. 

Casual Relationships

An open relationship is a kind of consensually non-monogamy in which one or more partners engage in sexual activity with other people or have romantic relationships with other people.

Open Relationships

Any form of interpersonal interaction when your emotional, physical, or psychological health is jeopardised or threatened in some way is referred to as a toxic relationship.

Toxic Relationships