7 Clear Signs You're Sensitive

 You're really faithful,Highly sensitive persons want proximity. You realize that you must be vulnerable with others to reach this level of connection. 

 Loud crowds overwhelm you.Loud crowds overstimulate delicate persons. 

 You crave solitude,HSPs need lots of downtime. Since you experience the world so deeply, spending time alone helps you unwind, refuel, and prepare to go out again.

You avoid scary movies,You're not into scary movies or true crime. Violent media overwhelms you.

 You should avoid these TV and movies since they always leave you upset for hours afterward.

You're not ambivalent. You feel everything or nothing. You're happy or sad. Your emotions are all or nothing.

You're also exasperated. Since you can only feel deeply. You're different. You wish people understood and accepted this about you.

Finally, sensitive people have complex minds. Your mind is complicated. Always thinking. Your intellect never stops. 

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