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8 Tips for Improving the Parent-Child Relationships

Show Your Love

Emotional and neurological development require loving contact.  Engage with your child throughout the day by using loving expressions, eye contact, and hugs.

Say “I love you” often

Every day, regardless of their conduct, tell your children you love them.  A simple "I love you" can make a significant difference in your relationship with them.

Set boundaries, rules, and consequences

Children require structure and guidance as they develop and learn about their surroundings. Discuss your expectations with your children and ensure they understand.

Set boundaries, rules, and consequences

When rules are breached, ensure sure there are age-appropriate punishments in place and that they are followed consistently.

Listen and empathize

Empathize with them and assure them that you are there to assist them.  Encourage mutual respect by perceiving things from their point of view.

Play Together

Play is essential for a child's development since it promotes language, creativity, social skills, and emotional expression.  Have fun with your youngster and strengthen your bond.

Eat meals together

"Dining as a family promotes family bonding and communication.  Remove electronics and emphasize the need of a nutritious diet for mental wellness."

Create parent-child rituals

Meaningful one-on-one time with your child can help to develop the parent-child link, boost your child's self-esteem, and show them that they are unique and valuable.

Create parent-child rituals

If you have more than one child, make an effort to spend quality time with each of them.  Some parents plan special "date evenings" with their children to provide that one-on-one time.

Be available and distraction-free

Spend 10 uninterrupted minutes each day talking to your youngsters. Switch off devices and put your child first.