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8 Tips To Make You The Master at Flirting  

Leaning towards them is one technique to convey your attention.  They'll be drawn to you and feel like you care about them more as a result of this.

Lean In

Tilting the head indicates engagement and interest.  When speaking with someone, bend your head and look at them to show that you are listening and engaged.

Head Tilting

One study on social rewards conducted by Professor Norihiro Sadato and his colleagues discovered that earning praise was the most effective technique to inspire participants.

The Pygmalion Effect

Try to mirror gently if you want to mirror with attraction.  To learn more about mirroring, visit our mirroring article.


We intuitively understand which sorts of contact represent wrath, fear, disgust, love, gratitude, and sympathy.  One study found that we are 48-83% accurate at decoding touch:

The Art of Subtle Touch

The Rule of Three generates expectation and then breaks it down by giving something utterly unexpected, which usually results in laughter.  Consider it 1 normal, 2 normal, and 3 funny/odd/different.

The Rule of 3

When we look someone in the eyes, we are saying nonverbally,  "I am paying attention to you."  It satisfies our want for attention.

Strong Eye Contact

Coupled with a smile and a quick up-and-down of the eyebrows, the eyebrow flash can be an attraction cue we use when we’re attracted to someone. 

The Eyebrow Flash