9 Dumbest Lovable Dog Breeds

Afghan hound Despite being one of the most expensive dogs in the world, the Afghan hound has the lowest IQ of all dog breeds, per Coren's research. 

Basenji Ranked by Coren as only slightly less dumb than the Afghan hound, the basenji may not actually be "dumb" so much as not particularly interested in the sort of interaction

English bulldog Lots of folks are bullish on all these bulldog breeds. And that includes the English bulldog, which Coren's research regards as the third dumbest among dog breeds.

Chow chow While it is a dog that looks like a lion, the chow chow is far from the king of the jungle—or even the dog park. To wit


Pekingese Pekingese dogs tend to lavish affection on their families, according to the AKC. Peeks are also well behaved and friendly toward children and stranger

Beagle Fans of dogs with floppy ears often flock to the pint-size, sweet-faced beagle. Indeed, those soulful eyes and clownish demeanor help make the beagle one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S

Mastiff The mastiff is one of the finest guard dogs, but it doesn't get there by stealth. The docile but dignified mastiff is one of the world's largest domesticated dog breeds, and for giant dog breed

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