9 Free Weight Exercises for Faster Weight Loss After 50

Goblet Squats

No matter your age—from 15 to 50—the squat is a miracle move. As your entire body struggles to raise and stabilize the weight, including your core and upper body, a lot of calories are used. Both your cardio and strength will become better!

Plate Squats

A standard squat could be a little challenging for someone just starting out or someone returning from a long vacation. You have a counterbalance with this variant, allowing you to get into favorable postures and perfect your squat technique.


One of the easiest methods to develop your glutes and quads is by doing this. Even more, it applies flawlessly to daily life, such as whenever you climb stairs or go uphill.

Squat Splits

Make your workouts more challenging and difficult to lose more weight. The split squat makes it easier for you to do this because it pushes you to work each leg simultaneously. As a result, you exercise for twice as long and your core and stabilizing muscles are worked more intensely.

Three-Point Rows

Rows are a crucial exercise for building back strength, which helps with posture and physical appearance. Your shoulders will appreciate it. You'll utilize a bench for this exercise, which makes it perfect for beginners because it adds stability.

Slams a medicine ball

Fast-twitch muscles deteriorate in strength as we age. Train those muscles using swift, explosive motions that are safe for your bones, joints, and muscles to avoid this. Because they can withstand being thrown and slammed, medicine balls are excellent for this.


Pushing a weight overhead is challenging for many persons over 50 who suffer from chronic shoulder or back problems. Use the "scaption," which targets comparable muscles without placing your joints in an uncomfortable posture.

Weighted Hip Thrusts

Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings if you desire a slim, fit, and muscular body. Hip thrusts target those muscles more safely than deadlifts, which can strain your lower back if you don't employ proper form.

Farmer’s Carries

Carries are a highly efficient approach to incorporate aerobic training with muscle endurance and strength. Since you frequently have to lift and carry large objects, such as groceries or grandchildren, these are especially helpful in day-to-day living.

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