Addressing Each Zodiac Sign's Toxic Trait

Aries: Impatience ,You're a person, not a thing. Calm down. I know that's hard because your energy makes you impatient 

Taurus: Rage,You usually simmer with wrath. but when things go wrong or you're emotionally unstable, you're a loose canon

Gemini: Unreliable,People don't trust you because you're erratic. It's hard to know if you'll show up if you really want to commit.

Cancer: Grudges,Isn't carrying a grudge like letting someone live rent-free in your head? Your sensitivity is a virtue and a weakness.

Leo: When you lose your self-worth, you become overly dependent on others for validation and self-worth, which is poisonous and stressful for people around you.

Virgo: Judging,You're harsh on others because you're harsh on yourself. You don't mean to hurt others, but it does.

Libra: Selfish,You are fascinating and engaging, so others are drawn to you, but you risk being too self-absorbed.

Scorpio: Vengeful,If someone betrays you, watch out! You will do anything to get revenge. Insecurities and jealousy can cause unwarranted rage.

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