An Easy 5-Minute Mat Workout for Weight Loss  

 Mat workouts engage multiple muscular areas at once, including major muscle groups like the legs and buttocks

 mat workouts

 This burns more calories than muscle-specific workouts. Mat workouts are easy to incorporate into the day and require

mat workouts

 Bring your right knee to your chest quickly before returning it to the start

 bicycle crunches

 One minute of bicycle crunches: Lie flat on a mat on your back. MasterClass advises pressing your lower back

 Rest 15 seconds.

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 Flutter kicks for 30 seconds: The Gym Group recommends lying on your back on a mat.

 Side leg lifts

 Neck, head, and shoulders slightly off the floor. Next, flutter and kick your legs up and down. Your abs should stay put. Flutter kick for 30 seconds.

 side for 30 seconds.

 Your knees should be 90 degrees and your shoulder blades off the mat. For one minute, imagine riding a bike

 five-minute mat

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