Ashley Biden Knows Who She Is?

Ashley Biden has deliberately kept a lower profile despite being the only child of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, and half-sister to Hunter and Beau.

 Despite not wanting to be in the public eye, Ashley feels an obligation to use her platform as the First Daughter to amplify issues and talk about what truly works.

Ashley's years in social work, particularly with foster care, juvenile detention, and formerly incarcerated women, have taught her valuable lessons she wants to share.

Ashley's publicist says her lawyers won't let her talk about her stolen diary, as the investigation is ongoing.

Ashley's work in the community has always been important to her, despite the attention and noise that comes with being in the public eye.

 Ashley and Beau used to have breakfast at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia every Friday after his chemo treatments.

 Ashley describes her childhood in Wilmington, Delaware, as a "low-key" and "magical" time.

As a child, Ashley accompanied her dad on the campaign trail and went canvassing neighborhoods and attending parades, but she didn't fully understand what was going on.

 Joe Biden famously took the Amtrak home to Delaware every night, and Ashley would greet him with a big hug.

Ashley first became aware of the attention around her family when she would ride the bus to school and hear kids talk about her father.

Some of the things the kids said were kind, while others were not so kind.

Ashley wants to tell the stories of others and lift up organizations to share valuable information.