Asian Cuisine Treasures My Family Loves 

Asia's rich culinary history has given rise to a wide variety of dishes that may both satisfy a person's cravings and bring back fond memories.  

Here are 18 Asian dishes that have been enjoyed by families all across the world and have become firm favorites.  

These recipes satisfy your family's desires with savory noodle dishes, zesty stir-fries, aromatic curries, and sweet treats. 

Take a gastronomic adventure through Asia and discover meals your family will love. 

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These delicious ramen spring rolls can be made in about 30 minutes and are perfect for dinner parties. 

As an appetizer or snack, serve bok choy, scallion, and wood ear mushroom fried in sriracha and soy sauce! 

Tom Kha Gai soup is rich and real, making it the finest Thai coconut chicken soup ever! 

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