Astrology Predicts August 2023's Most Unpredictable Month

Leo Venus retrograde August began strong with the planet of beauty, love, and luxury retrograde in Leo. 

Aquarius full moon Aquarius, opposite Leo on the zodiac wheel, received the first of several "supermoons" on the first of the month. 

Virgo Mars On August 1st, the planet of action and aggressiveness entered industrious Virgo, offering us a taste of our obligations and priorities when the sun enters Virgo on August 23rd. 

Leo-Sun-Venus Cazimi "Cazimi" comes from the Greek kardia, meaning "heart." A nice phrase for a lucky astrological event: two planets meeting in the sky on the same day. 

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Leo new moon On August 16, your creativity, children, relationships, and entertainment will experience tremendous changes.

Mercury retrograde Virgo Mercury retrogrades twice a year, and while Mercury-ruled Virgos and Geminis suffer the most, it's not a huge problem. 

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