Astrology Tips for Playing the Lotto"

Each day of the week is ruled by a certain planet, and the hours of the day are also ruled by planets.

 Gambling and speculation are connected to, or ruled by, the fifth house in astrology.

 Paying attention to your fifth house placements and the days and hours they rule can point you to the times you have the best chances of winning the lottery.

The most fortunate planetary hours in terms of ease and money are Venus and Jupiter hours.

The first step to determining your luckiest day is looking at the fifth house of your natal chart.

Note the days that your fifth house sign and degree rule.

 The Lot of Fortune, or Part of Fortune, can also add a dash of luck to your lottery playing.

 Buying a lottery ticket during the planetary hour of Venus or Jupiter can increase your luck.

 Transiting planets can also bring luck with the lottery.

Jupiter conjunct, trine, or sextile natal Venus is a lucky transit to look for.

Transiting Jupiter opposing Uranus is known as a "gamblers transit."

Play at your own risk and never risk money you're not willing to lose.