Avoid These Grocery Items

Making your own dressings for healthy salads is easier and cheaper. 

most common prescription prescriptions cost more at food stores. Find a dedicated pharmacy if you're always spending extra.

Avoid packaged meat's food dates. Workers often repackage expiring products and change the sticker date, 

Pre-shredded cheese has several additives, so buying a block and grating it yourself is cheaper

 To save, buy toiletries and other basics at big-box department stores.

Instead of throwing that new lipstick in your supermarket cart, head to the drugstore to save money.

Walking past the bakery aisle is tempting—those cookies and wonderfully frosted cupcakes are screaming your name—but skip the sweets. 

it's easy to grab a Banquet family meal after a long day, you're overspending on salty, fatty, and calorie-laden food.

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