Belly Fat Loss Tips from Experts

  "Eat 80–90% nutrient-rich foods like lean protein, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fat,"

 Heard Are Wrong

 Now is the time to increase cardio. Try running, swimming, brisk walking, hiking, or dancing for cardio.

 Incorporate cardio

 Let's discuss HIIT while we're at it. Tyler Read, CEO of and a 15-year personal trainer,

  Perform HIIT.

 healthy senior woman at home shows dumbbell-exercising body parts after 60

 Strength training.

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Chronic stress can kill and increase waistline fat owing to cortisol levels. Goodson advises adding yoga

 Manage tension

 Your favorite wine and cocktails are a sneaky way to eat additional calories. Goodson

 Limit alcohol

 Did you know that quality sleep is crucial to losing abdominal fat and managing weight? "The goal is seven to nine hours a night,

 good sleep

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