Best Advice from 10-Pound Losers 

 this habit is great for losing weight because you'll eat healthy, wholesome foods full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, a

 Eating more

 "When you eat out, you may order a healthy dish but it may be prepared with a lot of butter or olive oil

 home-cooked meals

 If you have healthy snacks and meals ready to eat when you're hungry, this can help you lose weight by eliminating

 Meal prep

 "Building lean muscle tissue speeds up the metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories even while you sleep

  Lifting weights

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 The Nutrition Twins say meal monitoring "works like a charm" and holds you accountable

 Tracking food

 "It's important to personalize your workout and choose exercises that work best for you, your fitness level,

 workouts for your body

 The video description says, "Walking is really the best and I feel much stronger.

 Walking three kilometers

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