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Best And Worst Foods To Eat At A Breakfast 

Breakfast buffets can be tempting but it is important to identify the best and worst food options to avoid a breakfast disaster. 

Home fries are a classic breakfast dish made of diced potatoes with a crispy crust and soft center. Avoid them at big buffets for the best experience.

Worst: Home fries

Porridge is a versatile and nutritious breakfast option that can be enjoyed sweet or savory with a variety of toppings. Its neutral flavor makes it a great base for any ingredients you like.

Best: Porridge

Skip hash browns at breakfast buffets as they are often sub-par. The ultimate potato breakfast dish, hash browns are made with grated potatoes fried until crispy.

Worst: Hash browns

Avoid raw seafood like sushi at breakfast buffets and instead choose the safe and delicious option of smoked salmon, if you're a seafood lover.

Best: Smoked salmon

Casseroles can be hit or miss, making them a risky choice at breakfast buffets. It's better to skip them and choose more reliable options.

Worst: Any type of casseroles

Quiche, a French dish with a pastry shell and creamy, cheesy filling, is a popular breakfast item found on menus and buffets.

Best: Quiche

Pancakes are a versatile and delicious breakfast dish, but at breakfast buffets, it's best to pass on pre-made pancakes.

Worst: Pancakes

If you're not a fan of oatmeal, try the foolproof combination of yogurt and granola at breakfast buffets.

Best: Yogurt and granola

While fried bacon is a popular breakfast addition, the bacon found at breakfast buffets may not be up to par.

Worst: Fried bacon

Fried eggs are the best breakfast egg dish as they are usually made to order, come to your plate warm, and have a delicious, runny yolk.

Best: Fried eggs