Best cardio exercises for aging endurance

Reality check: Getting older can be challenging. It's completely natural to slow down with age and take things a bit easier than you used to.

As you age, wear and tear on your joints can take its toll. Fortunately, low-impact activities like swimming are an excellent alternative to high-impact endurance activities

Joining an aqua class can be a fun way to boost your endurance while socializing. "Aqua classes help elevate your heart rate, get in a cardio workout, and build community,


A review of several studies published in the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity found that adults aged 70 and older who started cycling experienced improved cardiovascular function

Whether you prefer a brisk morning walk or a relaxing evening stroll, walking outdoors can work wonders for your cardio and endurance.

endurance exercise has to be repetitive and boring? If you're up for it, sports like pickleball, tennis, and squash are fantastic ways to increase your endurance while having fun.

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