Best Fall Superfoods for Weight Loss

Apples Fiber, which keeps you full and aids digestion, makes this fall fruit popular. Maples adds antioxidants and cancer-fighting quercetin.

Pears Maples notes that pears provide 25% of our daily fiber needs. According to a Harvard study of almost 200,000 men and women, anthocyanin-rich foods like pears cut diabetes risk. 

Pumpkin You'll see pumpkin everything in fall, but be sure you're getting the actual thing—not pumpkin spice.

Parsnips “Carrot’s cousin, only white and a little sweeter,” explains Maples. This crunchy root vegetable has four grams of fiber, vitamin C, and copper per serving. Grab it for a quick snack.

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Beets Roast the root and sauté the leaves. Maples claims beet nitrates reduce blood pressure and help you recuperate from a workout so you can workout again the next day. 

Pomegranate This luscious fruit has folate, vitamin C, and polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals.

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