Best Fat-Busting Foods

 How to lose abdominal fat and love handles? You're on the right track if you start your day with oatmeal. Just boost

 Oat Bran

 Sweet potatoes, the king of slow carbohydrates, should be a diet mainstay. Carotenoids, antioxidants that balance

 Sweet Potatoes

 Find a cereal with the highest fiber and the least sugar (no unhealthiest cereals) to melt your love handles.

 Shredded Wheat

 Most commercial soups, especially bisques and other smooth soups, include sugar or other undesirable substance

 . Minestrone Soup

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 Black rice, known as "forbidden rice" since only emperors could eat it, may be the cheapest antioxidant source. Black rice

 black rice

 White tea reduces fat in three ways. White tea increases lipolysis and blocks adipogenesis, according to a Journal

 White Tea

 Because of their resistant starch, beans are a zero-belly power food that "resist" digestion and keep you full longer.

 Black Beans

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