Best weight-loss stretches ever

 You've probably heard that weight loss requires regular aerobic and resistance training and a healthy, well-balanced

 Stretching for weight loss

 Healthline says stretching boosts daily calorie burn, which aids weight reduction.

Stretching for weight loss

"The Bulgarian split squat bottom resembles a couch stretch. However, adding resistance improves hip flexor

 Bulgarian Split Squats

 The deep squat engages your core and extends your hip flexors, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

 Deep Squats

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 The dangling leg lift is the third weight loss stretch. "This is a great exercise that works your core and allows

 Hanging Leg Raises

 Johnston says, "Most movements occur in the sagittal plane (straight up and down), so this is a good movement

 Feet Side Bends

 Last but not least, this weight loss stretch is another great combo action that helps you lose weight and train resistance

 Pulldowns with Twist

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