Biggest Fear Of Each Zodiac Sign

Scorpio, like every true rebel, despises being in charge. They worry that something or someone will hinder them from achieving their life goals, therefore they won't be fulfilled.

8. Scorpio

Taurus is a sign that values stability and predictability above everything else. Change is what Taurus fears the most.

7. Taurus

The fear of being misunderstood haunts Gemini. This sign relies heavily on communication, hence the thought of being misunderstood worries them.

6. Gemini

Even Cancers who pride themselves on their independence crave social interaction. They worry about a loved one leaving them. People frequently worry that they may get isolated.

5. Cancer

Leo's greatest fear is performing poorly or disappointing others (as well as oneself). They will be damned if they don't receive the recognition they deserve.

4. Leo

Self-expression and originality are extremely important to Aquarians. Their greatest apprehension is losing sight of who they are and fitting in with social expectations.

3. Aquarius  

Relationships, both romantic and platonic, are important to Libras. Being heartbroken or, even worse, breaking someone else's heart is Libra's greatest fear.

2. Libra

More than anything else, Aries fears being incorrect. They dislike the thought of someone criticising their abilities or pointing out a mistake.

1. Aries