Biggest Losers' Diet Moves  

 NWCR participants consume three meals and two snacks a day to avoid overeating.

 consume three meals

 98% of Registry participants said they modified their diet to reduce weight. Maybe it was drinking water before meals

 made changes to their diet

 Registry members usually eat breakfast. The NWCR found that 78% never skip breakfast.

   when they wake up.

 Seventy-five percent of Registry members weigh themselves weekly. Weekly weigh-ins provide accountability.

 weigh themselves weekly.

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 Sixty-two percent of Registry participants streamed fewer than 10 hours of TV weekly. Screen time is a straightforward

 physical exercise

 The NWCR's biggest losers always have water. Increasing water consumption was the most prevalent weight-loss technique.

  drink a lot of water.

 NWCR members' successful strategies share consistency. Their best weight loss solutions should be habits

 They enjoy routine.

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